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photoblog image facing the music
although i have a shot that involved music, i am seemingly unable to post it.  everytime i try to do so i get an internal server error message.  so rather than taking the theme literally, i have decided to post this shot that involves a different type of music. 

on monday, i was driving on the cross bronx expressway with some friends (a major highway that runs the length of the u.s. from maine to florida) and we saw this billboard.  we laughed at the board, but my friends doubted that it was real.  they believed that it was for a bank, however i doubted their theory because of the lack of a company logo. 

i drove past it on tuesday and wednesday, and with each passing i became more convinced that it was the real deal.  sure enough, this morning the news ran a feature about this billboard.  ladies and gentlemen, this is the real deal.  imagine steve's surprise when he saw this billboard....guess its time to face the music. 
barbara from Great Britain (UK) 21 Jul 2006, 07:33
My oh my... now this is real lateral thinking. Very funny.

I had problems uploading last night by the way...
nicole limperopulos: the theme was music, but it didn't have any restrictions on it, so i figured i would have a little fun with it.

Suby from Milton Keynes, Great Britain (UK) 21 Jul 2006, 08:18
Oh my someone Steve is sooo busted. Now this is how to get revenge tongue

Would not want to Steve.

nicole limperopulos: i guess the old saying, "don't get mad, get even" really works. can you imagine the look on the guy's face when he saw this. especially if he carpools with people to/from work.

sk from United States 21 Jul 2006, 09:38
LOL OMG Steve is so busted, nice capture LOL
nicole limperopulos: i don't think that there is any reconciliation in the future for steve and emily. emily seems like one tough cookie.

Steve 21 Jul 2006, 09:43
Emily! Noooooo!
nicole limperopulos: steve! yeeeeeeeeeees!

barbara from Great Britain (UK) 21 Jul 2006, 09:43
Update! I've just come in to work on the tube in London ...and the freebie Metro newspaper is featuring this today...however their shot was taken on Sunset Boulevard in California...so perhaps your friends are right...this could be the beginning of a very clever marketing campaign..
nicole limperopulos: wow, super interesting! i am going to do some research to see if i can get to the bottom of this. the news agencies here in nyc have been desperately trying to locate emily to interview her, but i do not think that they have yet succeeded in finding her.

Andy 21 Jul 2006, 09:46
Great capture. I like it. I'm trying to think what I would do to add some movement in the shot to show you were on the expressway when you took the shot, but I like it!
nicole limperopulos: i totally agree with you. it was really difficult to take this shot. i tried taking it while driving past (as a passanger). when that didn't work, i tried to pull over to the shoulder to take the shot, but i got yelled at by the police..."no pictures of the highway since 9/11." they didn't care that i wasn't taking a shot of the billboard, and not the highway. so finally, i drove around until i got a decent view of the billboard, stood on the hood of the car, and took the shot.

Idefix from Germany 21 Jul 2006, 10:21
wonderful. I read it and imagined Steve nearly driving into the nearest traffic sign when he read it. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Great capture although like Andy I wonder whether there would be some extra impact of the was a hint at where it was - motion blur or a bit of a car driving by? Anyway, good for Emily, what a stylish way to not get mad, but get even.
nicole limperopulos: whoever coined the phrase "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" truly understood the dynamics of women. i would love to have been a fly in the car when steve spotted this sign. as for capturing the cars, see the explanation that i gave andy. i wish that i could have captured some cars...i think that it would have added to the shot.

barbara from Great Britain (UK) 21 Jul 2006, 15:59
hmm this blog would indicate that this is true...but who knows....
nicole limperopulos: yea, this blog http://rainsdance.com/ also seems to lend some credit to the legitimacy of this billboard. but like you said, who knows?

deji77 from United Kingdom 21 Jul 2006, 21:45
WOW! You went through all that to get the shot? Well worth it.
Incredible. This just blows me away, of course from an artistic point of view wink
nicole limperopulos: hee, hee....i saw this billboard one time that was simply brilliant, and i promised i would go take a picture of it the next day. unfortunately the billboard was gone the next day. it was an add for vw gti, and it read "turbo cajones." it caused so much controversey that they took it down the very next day.

so, when i saw this billboard, i refused to wait until the next day. i thought if it is real, maybe steve would get an injunction and have it taken down. couldn't risk that!

thanks for the positive feedback!

Lee Spillenaar from Canada 21 Jul 2006, 23:30
LOL !! fantastic capture
nicole limperopulos: thanks....glad i could make you chuckle.

Suby from MK, United Kingdom 22 Jul 2006, 01:08
Hey bro, where is your post for today? smile

nicole limperopulos: suby,


Azhar 22 Jul 2006, 05:29
Lol grin

Jide Alakija from United Kingdom 24 Jul 2006, 08:43
This is so funny....I wish I saw this myself too.

Steve...you paid the price mate.

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Jide Alakija from United Kingdom 24 Jul 2006, 08:47
Hey look at what I found....


They even have a video of steve and his mistress...this is the real deal.

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