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photoblog image mr. guitar man
city island is a little seaport community...kind of like a normal rockwell meets new england type of place.  so there are very few examples of poverty found on the island.  i do not know what to attribute the lack of povery to....perhaps it is the fact that the island is really disconnected from the mainland, or maybe it is the fact that the island is comprised primarily of residential homes.  i really do not have the answer.  however, this guy is the exception to the norm on city island.   i am not sure where he sleeps, but he hangs out in the park by the water, and plays his guitar for money, food, cigarettes, etc.  he is an amazingly talented guitar player, and i am increasingly interested in his history.  maybe one of these days i will find out a bit more about him. 

hope everyone is having a great week.  TGIF!  thanks to everyone who has taken the time to stop by and leave feedback.  i really appreciate the honest assessment of my work.  sorry for the delay in my comments and responses...this has been a long, rough week, so forgive me.  looking forward to catching up with everyone tonight.

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vfxy B
Suby from Milton Keynes, UK 3 Nov 2006, 01:13
It sure is a shame when people like this with soo much talent are sleeping rough, I really do wonder sometimes at peoples stories and how they got where they are sleeping rough. What a world.

nicole limperopulos: hey suby,

you know, it simply doesn't make any sense to me. i find it extremely difficult to make sense of the fact that politicans and government leaders feel that if they ignore the homeless problem it will simply go away. furthermore, i think that it is criminal, that with the amount of money floating around this world, that people in the 21st century are living without the basic necessities of life. thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave feedback.

Thomas Mathew from India 3 Nov 2006, 08:35
I love this shot, specially the way the shade of his cap darkens one side of the face, and his looks - there are a hundred stories in those eyes Nichole.
nicole limperopulos: hey thomas,

thanks so much. when i took this shot, i felt like eyes were almost haunting. the more i look at this photo, the more i wonder what his eyes have seen and what experiences have brought him to this point in his life. thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave feedback.

Ellie from United Kingdom 3 Nov 2006, 11:05
A very good, and thought-provoking shot. I hope you are able to find out more about this man one day.
nicole limperopulos: hey ellie,

thanks so much. so glad that you like the shot. i really do hope that i am given the opportunity to learn more about this man, his story, and his circumstances. thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave feedback.

Chantal from Netherlands 3 Nov 2006, 11:47
great shot, and crop
nicole limperopulos: hey chantal,

thanks so much. glad that you like the shot. thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave feedback.

Louis from South Africa 3 Nov 2006, 11:55
A nice shot and probably in theme9? Anyhow what I personally like is to have these character faces in sharp focus - to emphasize the character. But that is my preference.
nicole limperopulos: hey louis,

thanks so much. you are right about it being a part of theme9. i hear what you are saying about liking the sharp focus of the face. however, i chose this particular crop b/c i wanted to be certain to include his guitar in the shot. thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave feedback.

johnnyg from United Kingdom 3 Nov 2006, 13:00
Nevr before has a photo evoked such emotions from me. when I first saw this I almost cried. I'm now home sick and I really do want to go back to the states. As a growing up young man in my local park was an old guy named Wine Jack. He slept in the park,lived in the park but he was kind and absolutley the most intelligent man I have ever met (even until this day).

Very well done Nicole.

Dotun Ayodeji from United States 3 Nov 2006, 14:21
uhmm, very touching photograph.
nicole limperopulos: hey dotun,

thanks. this shot makes me sad when i look at it. i am extremely saddened by the fact that this man is forced to live without the basic necessities of life in the 21st century. i think about all of the hopes and dreams that this man had for himself, and yet look where he finds himself...broken and alone, living without the essentials of life. thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave feedback.

nev from Australia 3 Nov 2006, 14:51
very nice capture nicole. i love the detail you have captured in his face.
nicole limperopulos: hey nev,

thanks so much. glad that you like the shot and the details in his face. i was thinking about a tighter crop, but i thought that the inclusion of his guitar was essential to the shot. thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave feedback.

Mal from Great Britain (UK) 3 Nov 2006, 18:32
For me Nicole, it's his expression that you have captured tells a story all on it's own! I can sense a slight anger in his face, perhaps it was just the mood he was in at the time. I hope to hear more of him? Mal

Daniel Johnston from Australia 3 Nov 2006, 22:09
Gr8 capture Nicole.

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Zebigleb from France 3 Nov 2006, 22:55
A great expression ! Bravo !

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