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photoblog image three by night
i took this shot a few days ago, before the theme of "three" was posted.  pretty interesting how that works out....

this is the art students league of nyc, which is located on 57th street.  the league was started by artists for artists in 1875.  it is a mecca for burgeoning artists, amateur and professional alike.  somehow, despite the rising cost of EVERYTHING in america, the league has managed to keep the price of classes reasonable so that anyone with an artistic flair could pursue their interest. 

this is another night shot.  i decided to shoot this particular scene because of the presence of shadows coming from the flag.  the light source in the shot is coming from five spot lights, which are located about four feet beneath the bottom tip of the flag. 

i have been experimenting with the night photography, and really trying to get a handle on the changing values of aperature and shutter speed at night.  i would be interested to hear your thoughts on this shot.  have a great day and try to stay cool!

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Ismael from Argentina 4 Aug 2006, 00:25
Que luz !!! Muy buena. Me gusta la luz de tus fotografías.
I like the light of your photographies !!!
nicole limperopulos: hola ismael,

muchimas gracias. estoy muy contenta que te gustan mis fotografias. yo estoy muy contenta que visitaste mi pagina y escribiste notas de mi fotos.

timmybomb 4 Aug 2006, 05:08
I really like this. I think the exposure is perfect. You did well with difficult lighting. I like the symmetry of the image. The shadow is good too. It's unfortunate that there is an "EXIT" sign in the left window. Perhaps you could clone it out.
nicole limperopulos: hey timmy,

thanks for the kind comments! i am glad that you like the shot. i got a new macbook earlier this week, and i do not yet have photoshop on this computer. i tried to transfer photoshop from my old mac to this one, however everytime i do, i get an error message. so, having said that, i am kind of working at a supreme disadvantage. i saw the exit sign, and since i do not have photoshop, i tried to convince myself that it is a qwirky detail. i cannot wait to get photoshop back.

chunter 4 Aug 2006, 08:55
I like this. It's a striking image for the lighting and the limp flag. In another context could speak volumes about the evening of a superpower.

The mood it conveys (and this is no criticism) seems incongruous with the impression suggested (to me) by 'Art Students', which is of a lively, colourful, bright bunch of youngsters.
nicole limperopulos: hey chunter,

thanks for stopping by. those are some great observations! i really like the idea of an evening of a superpower....terrific image that you conjured. i would agree that the contrast between this shot and the concept of the student art league seems a bit peculiar. it almost seems as though this image comes from a governmental organization rather than an art school.

chantal from Netherlands 4 Aug 2006, 10:39
great capture, good lighting.

Have a great weekend!
nicole limperopulos: hey chantal,

thanks! i appreciate you stopping by and leaving feedback! enjoy your weekend.

Steve from United Kingdom 4 Aug 2006, 15:35
I'm with all the others on this Nicole. Great symmetry, lighting and feel to this. I see you shot at ISO 1600, if it was handheld you did a really good job with the composition. If it was on a tripod, perhaps you could have gone for a lower ISO and slower shutter, e.g. 1/4sec @ ISO 100.
nicole limperopulos: hey steve,

thanks! night photography is somehting that i am really new to, and experimenting with day by day. i really appreciate the suggestion. i am going to put that suggestion into practice this weekend. thanks and enjoy your weekend!

Suby from MK, United Kingdom 4 Aug 2006, 21:47
God save America, land of the free and brave tongue
Absolutely wicked shot in my opinion would not be out of place on a $20.00 bill.

You get yourself a well earned coveted "I Likey" from the Subter for such an amazing lovely image.

nicole limperopulos: hey suby,

wow, what an extremely flattering compliment. i am humbled. certainly glad that you like the shot. hope you and sinem have a great weekend.

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Idefix from Germany 4 Aug 2006, 23:01
I like this a lot. The way you captured the detail of the windows /wall, and tied it in with the story is great, and I like the defiantly unorthodox way you slapped the flag right in the middle and "booo" to the "rules of off centre". The combo of the subtle almost monochrome colours of the background and the flag round up a great picture for me, well done
nicole limperopulos: hey idefix,

thanks for all of your kind words. i think that sometimes we get too caught up with rules, and our minds become bogged down with conflicting theories. sometimes we just need to get out there and shoot. and sometimes, when we shoot from instinct we wind up with disastrous results, while other times we get great captures. thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.

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